September 2, 2014

Picment: Photos with sound, App Review


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Picment is a new way to send pictures with sound for all those momentous occasions!
Picment: Photos with sound, App Review Reviewed by on . Rating: 5

Picment is a very interesting app that puts a spin on what pictures can be.  With Picment, you can actually record the sound going on in the background with the picture itself.

It’s like a video without the video, so when you just need those unique moments and would like 30 seconds or less with sound, this is a viable option.  You can share your photos on all major social networks or on the private network for Picment users only.

This could allow you to send picture messages to your friends such as birthday, vacation, or private times to those you want.

The app is very well laid out and easy to use!  However, it would be cool to take photos already taken and put your own words to them, just in case you didn’t have time initially!

Overall the app is very easy and reminds me of the best options from Snapchat and Instagram with a twist. Check out the direct link to the Play Store and let us know what you think!