Filowz seeking funding for the Sonomad, portable Bluetooth speaker with boombox vibe

Filowz seeking funding for the Sonomad, portable Bluetooth speaker with boombox vibe

Most Bluetooth speakers today are getting smaller for more portability, but Paris-based company Filowz is planning to offer a speaker that takes its styling from the past.

Filowz is seeking $90,000 for the Sonomad through its Indiegogo campaign that has just 11 days left, ending Feb. 2. At the time of writing this, the Bluetooth speaker raised $20,527 and the company needs to raise the full amount for the project to be funded.


According to a press release, the Sonomad is “a Hi-Fi wireless portable sound system” that packs “performance and portability,” offering 20 hours of music playback on a single battery charge. While it has 70s looks, it carries modern features with the ability to connect to your smartphone, tablet, computer, MP3 player, etc., through a standard audio connector or Bluetooth and it sports a 5V USB connector to keep your smartphone charged while you listen to some tunes. Filowz put a “safe dock” on the device as well, that will securely hold any size smartphone inside, as long as it is less than 3 inches in width. This could be useful if you wanted to take the speaker to beach and keep your phone safe from the sand.

Although its not exactly the smallest device, to carry it around it features a handle and shoulder strap. The speaker weights about 2.6 pounds as well.


Besides being a nifty little device that combines new and old technology, it has a unique back story as well. Filowz said it’s funded by Grégoire, a sound engineer who has traveled and lived in Africa for 6 years, where he felt the need for an effective, convenient and reliable portable speaker.

If you’ve been looking for a speaker that offers high performance with an innovative universal dock, be sure to hit up the links below.

Indiegogo, Filowz



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