AndyTags NFC Bundle Giveaway

AndyTags NFC Bundle Giveaway


Winners are as follows: Alan, Patrick H., Larry J., and Aaron K. – The Media Relations Department at AndroidGuys will be in touch. If you haven’t received a message, please check your SPAM folder. Prizes will be selected at random.




We’ve got some fun little NFC-ready tags to give away over the next few days that we think you’ll enjoy.

About AndyTags:

AndyTags are NFC Enabled Tags that combine both style and functionality. NFC (Near Field Communication) allows for a variety of commands, triggers, and more after being setup with you NFC-Enabled device. NFC tags require no battery power themselves and limited power from your device. To setup commands with your NFC Tags be sure to check out Trigger.

Prize Details:

We’re helping to give away two AndyTags Universal UltraMix Packs and two Universal MegaMix Packs for a total of four packages.

  • Ultramix: 2 Blue/Gray, 2 Green/Gray, 2 Green/White, 1 Anti-Metal); 1 High Capacity Topaz 512 Tag; and 1 AndyTags NFC Key Chain
  • Megamix: 9 NTAG203 Tags (3 Blue/Gray, 2 Green/Gray, 2 Green/White, 2 Anti-Metal); 2 High Capacity Topaz 512 Tags; and 1 AndyTags NFC Key Chain

How to enter

In the website comments below tell us which NFC-ready smartphone you own and your wireless carrier. We’ll let this run for three full days, ending at midnight on January 29, 2014. If you are not sure if your device is NFC capable, it probably isn’t. Contact your mobile carrier and device manufacturer for more details.

2460883_origUse a valid contact email address when you comment so that we can get these shipped out to you as fast as we can. We need to email you to get your shipping and other contact information for the delivery of these items. You do not have to post your email address in the comments section. In the name field, fill out your actual first and last name, not a screen name.

Please do not use the Google+ comments to enter as it makes it harder to pin down winners.

Winners will be chosen at random. We will email you when the winners are announced, only if you have one. You will be given approximately 48 hours to respond with your shipping address and any additional contact information. If there’s no reply we’ll have to pick another entry. One winner per household.

Contest is limited to residents of the United States of America (including Alaska & Hawaii). AndyTags will be shipping out the winning items.

Tell Your Friends!

Learn more about AndyTags. In case you’ve missed the giveaway, holiday prices are still in effect through the New Year.

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  1. Joshua Patrick
    January 27, 10:20 Reply

    Samsung Note 2 on Aio Wireless!!! Could use some more Tags!

  2. Daniel Higgins
    January 27, 10:37 Reply

    I’ve got the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab 7 both NFC ready, using Sprint as my carrier. Looking for something to use the NFC capability with. Hopefully I win! Good luck to all!

  3. Alan
    January 27, 10:44 Reply

    HTC One – Black

  4. Jason Jackson
    January 27, 11:18 Reply

    Galaxy Nexus (while it lasts) and the Carrier that refuses to update phones (Verizon)

  5. sixer
    January 27, 11:27 Reply

    LG Optimus G Pro – T-Mobile

  6. MR
    January 27, 11:58 Reply

    HTC One on Verizon

  7. orville porter
    January 27, 12:36 Reply

    Samsung galaxy s4 on att so far I’ve got one tag to turn on wifi.

  8. ggfb20
    January 27, 12:53 Reply

    I own a galaxy note 3 made for and used on T-Mobile USA wireless network.

  9. RNek
    January 27, 13:37 Reply

    Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon

  10. Ben
    January 27, 16:46 Reply

    Sprint Evo LTE (HTC One X)

    Verizon Galaxy S4

  11. Patrick Holloway
    January 28, 00:39 Reply

    Nexus 5 from Google Play Store – Sprint (with possible switch to Ting very soon!)

  12. Andrew M
    January 28, 12:25 Reply

    LG Nexus 4 running CyanogenMod on Tmobile.

  13. Hannah
    January 29, 22:46 Reply

    Nexus 5, AT&T. EEEEE *excited*

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