Galaxy Gear 2 rumored with bendable display

Galaxy Gear 2 rumored with bendable display

Despite being the leader in its space, the Samsung Galaxy Gear has had quite a rough year. Limited functionality, incompatibility with current flagships at launch, bugs, and more have proved difficult for mainstream success. According to an unnamed industry insider, Samsung is working on a total redesign of the Galaxy Gear. Will this be Samsung’s chance to redeem itself?

The so-called Galaxy Gear 2 is said to have a flexible OLED display roughly the same size (1.63inches) with a redesign which removes unfavorable aspects of the current model.

Many are wondering if Samsung will allow compatibility with devices other than their own smartphones. How much does that matter; do you think Apple would make an “iWatch” that played well with other brands or OSes?

With 2014 set to give way to many wearable devices, Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy Gear will need to be considerably better than the current iteration. Another misstep here could be costly.


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