whitelabel SoundDew speaker review

whitelabel SoundDew speaker review

Are you an adventurous singer/music lover? Do you sing in the shower? Would you like to, perhaps, literally drown your musical musings? This is the speaker for you.

Features & Use

The SoundDew by whitelabel is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for your active lifestyle. IPX4 Rated Rugged/Waterproof Housing built to go anywhere the adventure continues.

You can make and receive phone calls with this Bluetooth speaker with the built-in microphone. Out for a hike, singing in the rain, or trapped in a dungeon, the SoundDew can survive the trip.


The design of this Bluetooth speaker is really intriguing, the inspiration comes from nature’s rain/melon dew drops, well crafted and aesthetically pleasing. You can hook the top with any clasp, shower holder, carabiner clip, etc.


Audio Quality

From this unit I had nice crystal clear loud booming music for my kitchen, bathroom, camping, etc. It’s a lot like other smaller Bluetooth speakers with great sound such as the HMDX Jam Speaker, but it has call functionality and is waterproof.


If you love singing in the shower, connect to this speaker, select a playlist and sing your heart out. And, really, don’t be afraid to get this speaker wet like I was at first. As long as you seal the port covers your speaker will survive splashing and a bit of soaking. You can purchase the Whitelabel SoundDew in a variety of colors for $39.99.

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