Scooba Design Laptop Cable Stable DLX review

Scooba Design Laptop Cable Stable DLX review

Do you constantly lose those microUSB cables, power cords, external storage drives, or battery backups? You know, those things of which you only have a few? The Cable Stable fixes those problems, just so long, of course, that you don’t loose your Stable.

cable_stableBuild Quality

The Cable Stable DLX is very durable, but excludes hard shelled exteriors. It’s great to have a zippered case with a durable handle.

Storage Space

You have enough room to store many cables, mp3 players, thumb drives, etc. In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Take a look at some of that wonderfully packed stuff above! You’ll be pleased to note that you can actually fit much more than what is displayed. Indeed, it’s quite nice how compact you can get with your things.


I’ve been using this product to store some of my everyday cables that I frequently use and/or need. Generally, I share the Cable Stable DLX between my laptop backpack and my messenger bag. Thanks to this accessory, I’m able to move everything very quickly and efficiently. The Cable Stable DLX is a durable cable and gadget holder. You can get your Cable Stable DLX for $39.95.

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