Android Device Manager updated with beefier security

Android Device Manager updated with beefier security

It could be said –and it has– that Google’s location and wipe software doesn’t have the strongest of security options. The Android Device Manager, released late last year as Google’s official tool for finding, locking, and wiping your Android device, was a step in the right direction.

Today, Google is rolling out an update to the Android Device Manager that includes a new account password prompt. In effect, this makes gaining access to wipe your sensitive data much harder. Now you can feel safer knowing that if someone does have access to your phone while it is unlocked, they won’t be able to open the Device Manager and wipe all of your devices.

You’ll now have to sign in with your Google Account email address and your account password to access the application at first launch. Most will be able to upgrade to the security enhanced version now, but the app will continue to roll out over the next few days.

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