HTC may launch the M8 with four color options

HTC may launch the M8 with four color options

It’s possible that HTC is due to launch their new flagship soon, especially because the rumors are becoming almost non-stop. Here’s another one, and this time it’s about the new color options.

Thanks to XDA moderator Shen Ye, the M8 should launch with 4 color variants – red, blue, black, and grey. For those paying attention, the colors at launch will be the same colors that the HTC One was released with in 2013. Also, for what it’s worth, the exact color hex codes are #bebebe, #cc0000, #33b5e5, and #414141.

There seem to be a lot of rumors surfacing lately, so it will be interesting to see exactly when HTC will pull back the curtain on this device! Also, if you’d like to check out more rumors on the HTC M8, you can do so, here

Source: @shen_ye (Twitter 1), (2), Via: Phonearena

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