Samsung to back down on copying Google apps


New deal between the two should see less look-alike apps and services on Android

Earlier this week, Samsung and Google inked a patent deal for cross-licensing which should benefit both companies and help in any would-be lawsuits. As part of the terms, Samsung now agrees with Google to stop copying the infamous apps that make up Google’s service portfolio

CES 2014 featured some of Samsung’s current products, a launch of the Galaxy Camera refresh, and new Galaxy Pro tablets. It seems that Samsung has tried to make Android their own system in a sense, but now hopefully that does change. Perhaps the company’s push into Tizen might help place some extra space between them and Google.


As a Samsung user, I can definitely attest to the fact that many of these apps simply just aren’t needed. Hopefully this year we can see Samsung do something more simplified with the oft-overbearing TouchWiz/NatureUX.

Samsung shouldn’t feel the need to recreate something that already exists. On the other hand, when you’re that big, you can stretch out your arms a bit. There’s nothing wrong with trying to woo users to your platform-agnostic services.

There does come a time, however, when even Google has to step in and speak up. While some Samsung apps may have jump-started changes in apps like the default Video player, many owners (that we know of) haven’t much used some of the others. How many of you are using apps and services such as Samsung Apps, ChatON, and Samsung Wallet?

Recode via Android Community (image also courtesy of Android Community)


  1. The truth is that Samsung has some of those apps before Google. For example, chat on before hangout, Samsung link before chrome cast, music before play music etc

  2. Will some of those apps be able to be uninstalled, or just not be there at all, in a future Android update? I hope so. I’m learning something through the learning hub but that’s the only Samsung hub app I use. I’d happily get rid of flipboard too. I wish they’d just let us get rid of everything if we don’t want it.