SenseGiz seeking funding for Star, a multi-functional safety and activity tracker

SenseGiz seeking funding for Star, a multi-functional safety and activity tracker

There are many fitness trackers and smartwatches on the market, but how about a device that alerts your loved ones when you are injured?

SenseGiz, a company that you may not have heard of, is seeking funding on Indiegogo for Star, what it calls “the world’s first emergency identification and all in one tracker.”

The company, which has its research and development hub in India, was started by Abhishek Latthe and Apurva Shetty. Its prime focus is to design products that help keep people safe, fit, happy and empowered.

Like most fitness trackers, it has sensors to track how many steps you take, calories you burn, and keep track of your sleep patterns, but the thing that separates the Star from the rest of the competition is its integrated crash/fall-alert technology. When the device is paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, it automatically alerts your emergency contacts “along with your GPS location” when you are in an accident. Through the app for either Android or iOS, users can set the sensitivity. At times when the alarm alert doesn’t go off, like in the instance of a non-crash emergency, there is a manual emergency contact button that the wearer can use.


Along with these unique featuers, Star can be worn as a smartband or attach as a clip to your clothing, and in addition to showing the time, it gives various notifications and alerts such as incoming calls, scheduled exercise time, social media, medication reminders, plus it can be used to control music and as a gesture control for your smartphone.

At the time of writing this, there are 13 days left in the crowdfunding campaign and the company has raised $760 of its $100,000 goal. No matter how much it raises, it will receive any funds it raises. If you’re interested, there are still over 100 early backer specials for $79, where you receive a SenseGiz Star in the color of your choice, either black, pink, blue or white, and it comes with a wristband and clip.

SenseGiz may have a long way to go until it reaches its goal, but if you do contribute, you will be backing a startup that seems to truly want to make a difference in people’s everyday lives.

via Indiegogo, SenseGiz

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