Google Now notifications available in Chrome

Google Now notifications available in Chrome

The Google Now service has been very helpful to Android users everywhere, thanks to its near-to-none setup on devices. And, as things move across platforms, the experience gets better each update. This week sees yet another improvement in Google Now.

“So the next time you’re finishing up emails at your desk, Google Now might suggest that you leave the office a bit early to beat the heavy traffic on the way to your dinner date”

Chrome users can now take advantage of Google Now cards and notifications, but in a somewhat limited offering. To do so, you’ll need to use the Chrome Beta browser. With that said, we should maybe look for it in the official version of Chrome soon. Maybe around Google I/O, perhaps?

Want to get in on it?  Beta for Chrome is free to download at Google’s website.

The Google Now ability in Chrome has been something many people were waiting for, and something Google has been hinting at for a while. As some of you know, it’s useful in offices, everyday tasks, meal planning, emergencies, and more.



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