booq Mamba Courier 15″ review

booq Mamba Courier 15″ review

The booq Mamba Courier 15″ bag (grey) is a neatly crafted messenger bag with equal parts versatility and style.


The 15″ Courier is very roomy and has compartments for pretty much anything you would carry on a daily basis. You can tuck your umbrella, notebook, laptop, tablet, charger, and more inside this bag – all at once.

Build Quality

The build quality on this messenger bag is amazing. I found it to be extremely sturdy and would certainly rank it among the best built bags I’ve spent time with. You can tell that this isn’t your standard run-off-production bag just by the textures and durability.

Lost & Found

Just in case you misplace your booqbag, (something you should never do), booq includes a Terralinq ID. So, if a kind enough stranger finds your booqbag and want’s to do the sincere and proper act of returning to the owner, Terralinq works with the finder and contacts you through a special website available on the bag and booq’s site.


Point blank, this is one of the best messenger bags that I’ve ever used. I have no reservations about recommending this to anyone in the market for a high quality durable messenger bag. The booq mamba courier 15″ is priced at $125.00, I believe that the cost is well worth the quality and care that your bag receives.

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  1. Al Brown
    February 11, 00:25 Reply

    Could booq be part of Apple? Not one product shot not with Apple product. Which makes me feel this bag is targeted at wannabes. Not even going to give this bag a chance.

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