Jelly Bean powers three in five Android devices

It’s a new month which means new Android platform figures. We like to check in once every few weeks to see how the Android landscape looks and get a sense for which versions of the platform are growing and which are waning.

According to the latest numbers, Jelly Bean (Android 4.1+) now accounts for 60.5 percent of all devices accessing the Play Store in the last seven days. Gingerbread remains in second place at 20 percent of the platform; Ice Cream Sandwich pulled in 16.1 percent. As for the newest release of Android, 4.4+ KitKat, it’s now at 1.8 percent, up slightly over the last month.

Considering how many Android devices are sold and activated each day, we expect Jelly Bean to hold strong for most of 2014. That is, of course, until the new flagship models begin rolling out. Nearly every major manufacturer has key KitKat models in the pipleline today.