(UPDATE) Dayframe adds Chromecast support

(UPDATE) Dayframe adds Chromecast support

Now that Google opened up the Chromecast SDK to the public, more apps are gaining support for the tiny wifi-connected dongle.

One of the newest is Cloud TV’s Dayframe that was recently updated to version 2.0.

In the slideshow app Dayframe 2.0, besides have a new user experience and interface, it allows you to play photos, albums, photostreams and playlists of albums and photostreams on your big screen.

Once casting to your Chromecast, you can easily flip through photos by swiping through them on your device, plus you can “zoom to fit or fill,” pause, shuffle and “like” your own photos.

Besides being able to cast your locally stored photos, Dayframe will also cast photos from Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Twitter and 500px.

Dayframe 2.0 is free, to be able to use the Chromecast functionality, you need to complete a $2.99 in-app purchase to update the app to “Prime,” which also adds shuffle mode and custom playlists. If you previously purchased Dayframe Prime, before the app utilized IAP, it will still work with Chromecast.

If you’ve been looking for a beautifully designed app to view your photos on a larger screen, be sure to check out Dayframe.

NOTE: For existing Prime users who don’t have the APK any longer, Cloud.TV can easily just whitelist you from their end. If you need to do so, shoot an email to [email protected]. Also, as is the case with AllCast, users will need to have Google Play Services 4.2 running on their device. If you cannot wait until your phone or tablet is updated you can take things into your own hands.

UPDATE: Cloud TV just contacted us to let us know Google has pulled cast support and the app was just updated to Dayframe 2.0.2 that does just that. The company said that Google is not allowing anyone to build apps and release them to Google Play until the official Play Services SDK is released. Dayframe 2.0 was built with a preview SDK. Support for Chromecast in Dayframe will return once the official SDK is released.

UPDATE 2: A second email from the developers sees them taking a high road on the kerfuffle.

To make things right, we are going to give Prime away free to everyone who bought it yesterday for chromecast support. In order to do that we need collect emails so we setup a google form: http://cloud.tv/i/df-prime-fix
Cloud.TV expects to see the Chromecast rollout re-commence in the coming week.

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