Rocket Robo review: You need to play this game

Rocket Robo review: You need to play this game

Rocket Robo is a side-scrolling puzzle game that you should download right away.

Every once in awhile a new game hits the Play Store, and the amount of work that went into making it blows you away. This is definitely one of those.


Gameplay 1

You play as a little robot sent out by an elderly tinker to collect stars to bring the light back to the night sky. You can touch the screen and tilt to fly around each world, dodging obstacles and collecting stars and secret treasures. The robot is really easy to maneuver, and the levels are diverse enough to make it an interesting experience.¬†There are three different worlds in the game, and each one is pretty lengthy, so you won’t be bored anytime soon.


Rocket Robo Gameplay 2

The graphics in this game are beautiful. They remind me a bit of Little Big Planet for the Playstation, with obstacles that are made from everyday objects. Once you get a bit further in the game, the levels become more diverse and complicated, and still really beautiful to watch.


This is quite honestly the best part of the game. It’s a little nontraditional compared to the type of game you’re playing, but it works. it keeps you engaged, and that’s what it’s there for.


Rocket Robo Story 1

The game includes a small story line, accessed through the main menu. It’s cute and it’s fun, and it gives you quite a bit of back story about the little robot. Most other games would just send you in to battle without telling you what you’re doing.

Should I buy it?

All in all, Rocket Robo is a difficult one to pass up. It’s 99 cents in the Play Store, and well worth it. Bad Kraken Games needs to keep making games like this, so 99 cents isn’t too much to ask, is it? Download it below, and play your heart out!

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