Kensington AbsolutePower USB AC Adapter review

Kensington AbsolutePower USB AC Adapter review

The Kensington AbsolutePower 2.1 with PowerWhiz AC Adapter is a great travel adapter to charge your gear. Handy, compact, and lightweight, it’s a must-have for those who travel regularly.

Use & Charging Speeds

The Kensington AbsolutePower 2.1 is a great USB AC Wall Adapter to charge your compatible tablet and cell phone the way it should charge — as quickly as it can. Gadgets that can take a 2.1amp work just as nicely as those which require the more standard standard 1amp charger.

This means that popular devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and Apple iPhone 5/5S/5C are capable of charging at the faster rate.

Design & Style

Rather than familiar rectangular shape, this one is more of a rounded cube design. It’s as stylish as one could make such a device; the foldaway prongs ensure ulta-portability. Instead of having little prongs poking in your bag you’ve got a tiny unit that can fit in your pocket.


You can purchase the Kensington AbsolutePower 2.1amp with PowerWhiz USB AC Adapter at $24.99.

Also, be sure  checkout more of Kensington’s Mobile Accessory Lineup.


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