Samsung and LG intro first triple-SIM devices

Samsung and LG intro first triple-SIM devices

Multiple SIM smartphones may not be that popular in the U.S., but have been in markets around the globe, usually supporting dual-SIM cards.

One upcoming phone, codenamed the Nokia Normandy, is even said to support two SIM cards so you can have multiple numbers on multiple networks, if you desire.

While dual-SIM is great and all, Samsung and LG are already thinking ahead. Recently, LG and Samsung Brazil unveiled two new smartphones with triple-SIM support, the Samsung Galaxy Star Trios and the LG Optimus L1 II Tri.

If you’re all about having a high-end smartphone, you’ll need to look-elsewhere as both have low-end specs with “tiny QVGA screens,” 512 MB of RAM and 1GHz Qualcomm processors, among other meager specs. Such low end specs also come with a low price of $165 for Samsung’s smartphone and $127 for LG’s. If you’re looking for a beefier budget smartphone, you may want to look to Motorola’s Moto G, but you lose the key features these offer. These phones do run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so I guess that’s maybe another plus.

Don’t expect to see these in the U.S., but look for them in emerging markets.

Pocketnow via Samsung Brazil, LG Brazil

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    It’s not new phones they’ve been selling here in BR for a while.

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