Tip: Call mom (or your wife) quicker with Google Search

Tip: Call mom (or your wife) quicker with Google Search

Do you ever have trouble finding numbers in your address book? Why not just ask Google Now to place the call for you?

With the release of a Google Search update, today Google dropped a little tip that can help you save time while keeping in touch with loved ones or help when you have your hands full.

Instead of desperately searching your contact list for that number, use the new functionality in the Google search app to pull up the contact information. While on the home screen (if you have a Nexus 5 or are running the Google Experience Launcher) or are in Google Now, simply say “Ok Google, call mom.” You can also send a text the same way such as by saying, “Ok Google, text mom” or “Ok Google, text Marissa.”

One last thing, if you don’t have mom or your wife setup in your phone, Google Now will help you with that as well so it works the next time.

Via Google on Google+

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