On Candy and Kings


Hey guys, just wanted to publish a note to clear the air on a particular topic that’s getting traction this evening. We ran a post earlier today as part of our Developers We Love series which is aimed at giving new Android users a place to start.  The idea is simple: we highlight a developer who has a number of games in the Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore that are fun, high quality, and worth checking out. Seasoned users may already know about many of these developers, but those transitioning away from feature phones will not be so familiar.

What happened today that was so bad? The developer we showcased was King.com

Yes, I am well aware of the ongoing stuff about trademarks. In fact, I find that particular aspect really crappy. I did not know about the CandySwipe open letter today until after our post had gone live. The whole thing sucks to be honest and it flies in the face of what we set out to do with Developers We Love. Why? Because we say in our preface paragraph that we will show love to indie developers as well as big name studios. Heck, we’ve intentionally stayed away from adding EA to the pool if only because of the perceived nickle-and-dime agenda. Sadly, one big company looks to be taking advantage of a very indie developer. And that sucks.

In hindsight, no, we should not have listed King.com as a Developer We Love. There’s too much drama around them right now and our timing for the article was simply unfortunate. While we do ready some of these evergreen articles to go on a day’s notice, it falls at my feet in the end. Some are drafted weeks in advance and set aside. Rather than greenlight the article and send it through, I should have pulled it back – which is what has happened now.

To be clear we did not take any payment from King.com nor did we receive anything from them. We have a pool of developers we’re going to cover here and today was their turn, so to speak. We do not take payment from any developers whatsoever. We don’t do text links. At best we will sometimes do a guest blog post where we will still check the links and verbiage so as not to appear overtly favorable.

Our intentions with AndroidGuys as a whole is to speak to the average reader and Android/smartphone user. We don’t care about chasing down every single rumor nor do we cover every single software update. Suffice it to say, our main focus is on helping Android users get more out of their devices.

I’m deeply sorry if we’ve turned you away over this; we hate to lose any readers or give them the wrong impression. I failed you guys and that’s the unfortunate truth.



  1. As soon as I saw the article pop up in my reader I _knew_ that it was written either before or without knowledge of the ongoing legal garbage from King.com.

    I think this is a nice apology but people should accept that mistakes happen and everyone is not aware of everything going on. This isn’t a failure, it’s an error at best.