Developers We Love:


UPDATE: Please see this post

Developers We Love is an ongoing series of posts designed to help discover great Android apps and games. We use the column to highlight both big name developers as well as small, indie outfits. Typically, we’ll opt for those who have released a number of titles before considering them for coverage but this is not a hard rule.

While you may already be familiar with some of these developers, new Android or smartphone users might not. Our aim here is to put companies on your radar so you can enjoy great content!

After realizing how irresponsible it was for us to publish this post today, we’ve since removed the links and verbiage. Instead, we suggest you download CandySwipe from the Google Play Store. Pay for the full version and help the guy out if only for a short while.

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  1. This article has to either be a joke right or a paid advertisement. I installed Candy Crush, but after playing the first few levels, I kept getting prompted to buy 5 extra plays for $3 or something like that. I’d be happy to play their game, but these types of in app purchases is basically a scam to get kids to rack up huge bills. I uninstalled it and went back to Jewels.

  2. It’s sad that this trademark troll company is considered “likable”. Perhaps for casual gamers. But to anybody who actually participates in the mobile tech industry, especially indie developers who will get destroyed if they ever wanted to sue, these guys are just a bunch of asshats.

  3. is such a royal pain in the ass. The fact they are so successful just proves how screwed up the mobile gaming scene is.