Rovio are developing a new adventure Angry Birds game

Rovio are developing a new adventure Angry Birds game

Angry Birds put Rovio on the map in 2009 – in fact, they were battling financial issues right before a developer came up with a simple idea of catapulting angry looking birds at pigs. The rest is history and saw Rovio and Angry Birds prevail as one of the top mobile games.

Angry Birds has since evolved and the principle ported to many different variants of the same concept, but now Rovio have teased that they are working on a new Angry Birds game which it is classing as a big adventure.

Whilst the tweet doesn’t give too much away, it does suggest that Rovio are taking the Angry Birds game to the next level, and it won’t be just a simple reinvention of the original we’ve known to grow and love.

Expect the game mechanics to remain relatively similar to stay consistent with the theme Rovio bring with Angry Birds, but it seems a big adventure is just round the corner for the franchise.

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