Win a free pair of Audiofly™ AF45 headphones! [Valentine’s Giveaway]

Win a free pair of Audiofly™ AF45 headphones! [Valentine’s Giveaway]

UPDATE: Congratulations to “rsanchez1″! We’ll be in touch.

Love is in the air, do you feel it? Thanks to Audiofly, we’re here to hook you up with a giveaway aimed squarely at your love of audio. Why? Because it’s Valentine’s Day and we heart you.



The Audiofly AF45’s are “born out of obsession, deliver clear, honest tones. Well defined mids groove with a punchy bass and blend with stunning highs that chime like a church bell”. These guys feature a built in microphone and 11mm Dynamic Driver with a 1.2m cable length. The Condura fabric cable keeps your headphones protected and you never have to worry about them getting tangled!

Giveaway Details

All we require is that you have a love for audio and live in the United States (where the giveaway product will be shipped to.) Please comment below with why you love audio. Please use the site comments (not Google+ comments) with a correct registered email address. This way we can contact you and get these headphones out as soon as possible. Shipping will go from Audiofly’s Fulfillment Center to you. Contest ends 2/15/2014 at 2:00AM EST. Terms and conditions subject to change.

Learn more about the Audiofly AF45’s. You can also follow @audiofly_ on Twitter.


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  1. dreistul
    February 14, 14:52 Reply

    Why I love audio… I love how a really good sound moves your soul and elevates your mind. It can lift you up when you’re down and transform you when you when you’re out of it.

  2. Haseeb Shaikh
    February 14, 14:55 Reply

    Would love to own a good pair of headphones to listen to some crazy dubstep!

  3. David
    February 14, 15:02 Reply

    There are few things in this life that have a predictable affect on the psyche without side effect. Think about it, creating sensation is a dangerous business, messing about with the biology can leave you an addict in a dozen different ways and the downs destroy what the highs worked to create. My love for audio is the love of something that can’t be corrupted, that runs through me with freedom. Music invites you into something, but doesn’t control you. You can cooperate with it right to the limits of human experience without ever fearing becoming enslaved.

  4. remy7
    February 14, 15:03 Reply

    Audio: Best form of non intrusive entertainment while work, play or exercise. Experience is enhanced with a good pair of headsets, noise reducing ear buds being my preference.

  5. Spencer_B
    February 14, 15:03 Reply

    Having these ear buds would be great for me as an aspiring YouTuber. I want to start a few different channels so I deffinately need to be able to hear everything. Audio has always been an interest to me. I worked as a theater technician for awhile specializing in lighting and sound. The wah you can manipulate sound is incredible. So many people think all you do is turn speakers on and bam. But there is so so much more to it!

  6. Jeff Edsell
    February 14, 15:15 Reply

    Because wherever I am, I can close my eyes and audio can take me somewhere else.

  7. Attreau
    February 14, 15:22 Reply

    I have a phenomenal bluetooth device which allows me to plug any set of headphones into it, clip it to my collar and go about my daily routine! Having these new headphones will allow me to listen to my customized playlists I create and load to my Galaxy Note II and play through the Google Play Music app! I am so excited to have the opportunity to win these…..thanks in advance!

  8. Ryan Clayton
    February 14, 15:27 Reply

    I stole my girlfriend’s SkullCandy earphones and I’m not impressed. Hopefully if I win these, I can give them back to her….and call it a Valentine’s present. =)

  9. Victor Gomez
    February 14, 15:37 Reply

    Great headphones and great audio allow me to study when its noisy and hectic in my apartment.

  10. wvpv
    February 14, 15:40 Reply

    Listening to music helps me focus my energies on the task at hand.

  11. BillJude56
    February 14, 16:14 Reply

    One of the joys in my life, especially when having a bad day, is marveling at the special talents of the musicians I carry on my phone. From Jerry Garcia to Aretha Franklin, from Dolly Parton to Bing Crosby and on and on. My only limit is a superior set of earbuds to optimize the experience. I’m ready for the AF-45’s.

  12. AK7579
    February 14, 17:00 Reply

    Music transports me to another world, just like a great book. With the right audio setup you can almost see and feel the artist(s) next to you performing. You can feel the energy and power of the beat and rhythm. Feel all the emotion of the lyrics.

  13. Carlos P.
    February 14, 17:11 Reply

    Love audio because whenever music comes on, you need a quality product that’s not only stylish in design but appeals to the consumer while delivering the breakthrough sound! Not everyone can say that. Only a few deliver the goods. Hope I win!

  14. Alex Jarvis
    February 14, 17:23 Reply

    I think audio is the most important aspect of something. Without audio or even through right audio you can’t be as immersed in something.

  15. omeganot
    February 14, 17:44 Reply

    I love audio because if I lost my sight, I could still hear the music of the voices of my family.

  16. rsanchez1
    February 14, 17:44 Reply

    I love audio because the right song can make me feel so good, and hearing it with the right headphones can make me feel even better.

  17. Dana Reynolds
    February 14, 18:03 Reply

    I love audio so much it consumes all my thoughts. Audio=LOVE
    My G+ page is devoted to it. Music is happiness.

  18. Matthew Ribe
    February 14, 18:29 Reply

    I love audio because it lets me hear car exhausts on youtube as they were intended to be heard!

  19. cbird
    February 14, 18:29 Reply

    I love aufio because thr right song in the right place can be inspiring to the soul.

  20. Khalil aqqad
    February 14, 18:43 Reply

    I would love to have these because I have such a passion for electronic dance music, but my current ear buds do not deliver. All I have is music to inspire me and nothing more. Oh and Happy Valentines Day!

  21. Ed S.
    February 14, 19:00 Reply

    I love audio because music can transport you to a different world while simultaneously letting you concentrate on everyday work.

  22. Jenna Parsons
    February 14, 19:02 Reply

    My fiance mixes music and would LOVE these headphones. They sound perfect!

  23. Andrew S.
    February 14, 19:05 Reply

    I love audio because music is a language that everyone can understand, and it carries emotions that can only be felt by listening to music.

  24. Dawn Monroe
    February 14, 20:45 Reply

    I love putting on my earphones and drowning out the world. It can change your day and attitude.

  25. Nancy
    February 14, 21:20 Reply

    I need a better set of head phones, and I heard Audiofly is a good bet.

  26. Aaron Esham
    February 14, 21:43 Reply

    It makes the dreary days move a little better and makes the best days even better.

  27. Alfonso Miranda
    February 14, 21:45 Reply

    Music takes you to a place nothing else can. Feeling the rhythm and the beats flow through your body is like no other feeling. When I put on a set of headphones my mind just drifts and I’m one with the tunes.

  28. Rocco
    February 15, 00:54 Reply

    Audio/music simply boosts whatever mood you choose to be in.

  29. Vince Phrommany
    February 15, 01:32 Reply

    When you’re having a bad day music can unlock that special endorphin to flip the switch so it’s important to have a pair of excellent headphones to help tune out the world.

  30. James
    February 15, 01:48 Reply

    I love audio cause I spent $1400 on ways to improve it’s quality and I work a dollar over minimal wage job.

  31. Aju
    February 15, 04:56 Reply

    Audio adds an “live” element to your LIFE .

  32. Hiro Watanabe
    February 15, 17:48 Reply

    Music keep me sane at work. It’s the only thing that will elevate my mood when getting called out for those late reports…

  33. Leyon Kim
    February 17, 21:10 Reply

    Been audio-enthusiast (not audiofile level yet lol) for long time and I love the subtle differences great audio can give

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