Opera Max Beta available publicly in North America, Europe

Opera Max Beta available publicly in North America, Europe

Opera Max Beta, initially released exclusively to US-based beta testers in December of 2013, is now open to the public. Specifically, it’s a waiting list private beta for those living in North America and Europe.

Well, it seems like many of you like it, and now we want more testers. Starting today, we’re rolling out pre-registration of a public beta version of Opera Max to Android users in the United States and Western Europe. Eastern Europe will not be able to beta test Opera Max, for now. But we’re working to include this region soon.

Opera Max is designed to save data across your mobile apps. It functions by compressing videos, photos and text on most apps on your phones, allowing the file sizes to be smaller when downloaded. Opera has partnered with Skyfire for it’s ability to compress videos. Apps such as Google Drive, Instagram, Vine, and others will benefit from the compressed data.

Due to lack of space on Opera’s servers, the beta will only be available until the servers reach their capacity. What ware you waiting for? Download it now and get in line for the release!

Opera Max Beta Download Link

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