T-Mobile HTC One’s KitKat update coming this week, AT&T “likely” next week

T-Mobile HTC One’s KitKat update coming this week, AT&T “likely” next week

T-Mobile and AT&T HTC One owners waiting for the update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat don’t have to wait too much longer.

On Tuesday, Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC America, took to Twitter and answered a few customer questions about the updates.

Mackenzie said that the update for the T-Mobile version will be coming later this week, while the update for the AT&T version will be “likely last week of Feb(ruary),” which is already next week.

The update for all US versions of the One were originally expected before the end of January, but carrier testing took more time than HTC anticipated.

Once the update arrives, it should hold all you HTC One owners over until “The All New One,” the rumored HTC M8, is announced March 25.

@JasonMacHTC via HTC Source

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  1. Dave Harding
    February 20, 16:46 Reply

    Seems to me that we are all being treated like idiots with pipe dreams of this well over due update ! Just feeding us rubbish to give them time to release news of the new HTC and once again palming off the loyal users of previous handsets ! Very disappointed yet again HTC

    • Neal
      February 20, 17:48 Reply

      uhh… sprint and Verizon already have it… it’s the carriers fault. you need to Google HTC one updates and go to the one that’s on their site.

    • not an impatient moron
      February 21, 07:34 Reply

      Nope. Not disappointing at all. HTC was transparent with this update. Three was never a time you weren’t sure what was going on. AND it only took 3-4 months for carrier branded HTC one’s, when s4, got their last update took Verizon 6-7 months. I had a Sony that’s a year old, just a bit senior to the one and stuck at 4.1.2. Just got a moto g the other day and love it. HTC did very well this time around, and I’m sure will do better next time. Shut it.

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