iLuv Galaxy MicroUSB Travel Charger review

iLuv Galaxy MicroUSB Travel Charger review

Need a spare MicroUSB travel charger? iLuv’s new offerings may be just what you need. This is a basic AC travel adapter with a MicroUSB cable but it more than does the job. This can charge any MicroUSB device you might have, including headphones, smartphones, and more.


The iLuv MicroUSB Travel Charger with USB Cable was designed for quick on the fly charging at your nearest outlet. This is a great spare charger to keep with you in your car, backpack, etc.

The AC adapter has a sleek and curved design with blue accents; the included MicroUSB cable is a bit thicker than what you might expect.

This unit charges at a normal 1A-2A rate, depending on your device and is a decent spare charger. This product is intended for charging with Samsung Galaxy devices but will work with plenty of other accessories.


You can find the iLuv MicroUSB Charger for Galaxy devices for $29.99 through iLuv’s website.

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