T-Mobile debuts new international calling options

T-Mobile is a major carrier with always a different kind of approach, for example a service they offered recently known as Jump, and such unique style led T-Mo to have the best quarter in nearly a decade. Now, the major network is back again with yet another great international service, the Stateside International Talk & Text offer. People don’t call their overseas friends or family often due to the expensive rates, but T-Mobile wants you to feel the freedom.

For just $15 a month, you get the perks of the first international offer as well, and also unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling from the U.S. to more than 30 countries and up to 1,000 mobile-to-mobile minutes to Mexico. “In a world where the number of people using mobile phones is growing by leaps and bounds, and fewer and fewer people are using landlines, it just makes sense to do it this way”, said CMO of T-Mobile Mike Sievert.

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Source: T-Mobile