Thule Crossover 32L Backpack review

Thule Crossover 32L Backpack review

The Thule Crossover 32L for 17″ laptops, tablets and more is a great spacious¬†multimedia backpack.


This backpack is designed with refined precision. It is very stylish with the unique black/white pattern with blue accents. The backpack may appear large, but it can expand and compress to fit your individual needs.


This backpack has compartments everywhere. They are strategically designed and placed, so you there’s room for all of your gadgets. The best things are the water resistant fabrics, the heat molded safezone for your glasses, cell phone and more. You have perfect room for your laptop, tablet, and much more still.

The capacity of this bag is simply wonderful; you can fit any type of gadget inside. The center compartment can hold an extra set of clothes for your weekend adventure and more. There’s even what I like to call a “quick stash zone” which lets you stuff your hoodie or other items.


The SafeZone Protects your cell phone, glasses, and more from possible damage with the heat molded hard shell protective compartment.

Charging Zone

The one thing that I hate about many laptop bags is they they don’t really give you a great place to put your laptop’s AC adapter.This bag has the solution thanks to its bottom compartment. In the main compartment there are also little pockets that are great for placing your own external battery to charge your tablet, smartphone, and other wireless devices.

Tablet Sleeve

This bag even has a plush lined dedicated sleeve for your tablet, something I really enjoy!

Laptop Sleeve

This amazing Thule bag has a spacious sleeve just for your laptop. The great thing is that this can fit your smaller netbook, Chromebook, MacBook, 15″ Laptop, and up to a 17.3″ Laptop.


The build quality of this bag is spectacular, it’s very strong yet very comfortable on your shoulders. I must say this is very supportive and perfect for long trips just as much as everyday use, and it is as close to perfect as you’ll get. You can find the Crossover for $129.95 at Amazon.

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