Intel announces 64-bit CPU’s for Android devices

Intel announces 64-bit CPU’s for Android devices

Mobile World Congress has something else up its sleeve for the Android world; not only have we seen Android powered Nokia devices, new Sony products, and more, but Intel have also just officially announced their new 64-bit processors.

Intel have shown off two different chips named Merrifield and Moorefield which will be hitting in the first and second half of 2014 respectively.

The Merrifield chip is dual-core whilst the Moorefield is a quad-core, both of which support LTE. The two chips have been designed to focus on energy efficiency and long battery life, with graphics being a major priority when designing the 64-bit chips, Intel said.

Intel clarified that these chips are aimed at powering the next generation of high-end Android devices, and was quite clear to state that Moorefield outperforms other CPU’s currently on the market.

Spec sheets and claims are one thing, how they perform powering a 64-bit Android device is another. We’ll reserve judgement until we see them powering some devices.

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