Qualcomm Toq available for $249.99

The Qualcomm Toq is recognized for its nice design along with great specs, yet after the smartwatch was released last year it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. Qualcomm has been fighting for the Toq, to get it to become a recognizable smartwatch. Its newest step is lowering the price to $249.99.

The Toq’s main competition is the Pebble smartwatch. The Pebble is mainly popular due to the fact that it has many apps, along with the fact that it introduced the smartwatch concept to the consumer world. As for Toq, its major selling point is the color display, which many people do in fact look for when buying a smartwatch.

While the Toq lacks traditional “apps” Qualcomm has released an SDK to allow 3rd-party developers to fix that. By releasing an SDK and by slashing the price by $100, from $350 to $250, Qualcomm’s Toq has a great chance to excel in this market.

We’ve already seen a number of app enhancements and new features over the last few weeks. Perhaps Qualcomm is stepping on the gas here in 2014.