Google VP chats Galaxy S6, Nexus 6, Whatsapp, and more

Google Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai recently sat down with French website Frandroid where he discussed a number of Android-related topics. Among other things, Pichai touched on the relationship between Samsung and the Android team, Whatsapp, and, of course, future smartphones.

On Samsung‘s decision to employ Tizen for the Gear 2 smartwatch, Pichai indicates he would have liked to see them use Android. Then again, it’s just one of hundreds of devices.

Looking ahead to the next-generation of Galaxy S smartphones (presumed Galaxy S6), Sundar says that Samsung will again use Android for the flagship brand. Yeah, we know it’s entirely too early to start looking at something that’s likely a year off but, hey, whatever.

As for the overall relationship between Samsung and the Google (Android) team, we’re told that it’s more boring than the press would have us believe.

In terms of the next-generation Nexus smartphone, Pichai advises that we won’t see it in the first half of the year. Makes sense, really, as the last few Nexus handsets made their debuts in the fall. It’s unclear if this will be known as the Nexus 6.

Contradicting recent reports, Sundar Pichai says that Google did not make a play for WhatsApp. Purchased by Facebook for $16-$19 billion earlier this month, WhatsApp did, however, meet with Google.

It is worth pointing out that the original article is in French and that some of what we’re passing along can be a little lost or garbled in translation. The whole article is worth a quick read as it also touches on the Nokia X and general security issues for Android.