Tip: How to speed up your Samsung Galaxy S4


With Samsung having announced the new Galaxy S5, you may have begun to feel like your Samsung Galaxy S4 is already out-of-date, and might begin to think that it’s running a bit slow, especially if there’s a lot of content on it.

Luckily, we have a tip for you that will help speed up your Samsung Galaxy S4 and have it feeling brand new, and it’s as simple as having developer options enabled.

The little hack revolves around the animations applied to transitioning between windows and turning the device on or off. By simply turning this off, it contributes to making the device seem extremely snappy and fast.

First, you’ll need to enable the Developer Options hidden menu. To do this, go into Settings -> About Device and scroll down to “Build Number”. Now, tap on “Build Number” five times and you’ll see a notification saying that “Developer mode has been enabled”.



With that hidden menu now enabled, we can head on into it to begin fastening up our Samsung Galaxy S4.

  1. Head on in to Developer Options in Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Drawing section.
  3. Of interest here is the Window Animation ScaleTransition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale.
  4. Click on them individually to change the scale.

You are able to turn the animations off completely, or set them to 0.5x (default is 1x) so the animations will be double speed for those who would like to retain them.

You’ll notice your Samsung Galaxy S4 feels substantially quicker. Let us know your comments in the section below.

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  1. My Galaxy S4 is my first Android smartphone. (My very first smartphone was the iPhone 4.) I’m still learning every day how to do new things, even though at first I was extremely overwhelmed by the change in OS. So I Said all that to ask this… Since I am such a newbie at the Android OS, I have no idea if doing something that sounds as simple as what you’re describing will void the warranty of my phone, so… Will it?

  2. I was carefully following above instructions & as soon as I tapped device build # once it popped up “developer mode enabled” & I could go no further. I know that I have never enabled it & NO ONE else has ever touched it. Any ideas?

  3. I, too am fairly new to smart phones. Although my phone is only a month old, I decided to go ahead and make the change to save it from slowing down as I load more apps, etc. The instructions were simple to follow. I was rather surprised that it said it was already turned on. Anyhow, I changed the three options to, 0.5. It is amazing at the terrific change. Everything is so much quicker!! Thanks guys. Keep up the great tips.

  4. You Guys Rock!!!!

    I find all your tech tips 100% on the MONEY.

    My galaxy S4 is unbelievably supersonic after following the programmer setting dealeo…

    Thank You Guys…

  5. 1 quesstion and 1 comment.
    Q-Does developer need to stay on after the changes?
    C-I noticed my WatchOn app’s lock screeen widgit appearance changed. Coincidence or possibly WO update? I changed settings back to 1.0 and the WO was unchanged.

  6. 1 question and 1 comment. Galaxy S4
    Q-Does developer need to remain on after the changes?
    C-I noticed my WatchOn apps lock screen widgit changed appearance. Coincidence? I changed the setting back to 1.0 restarted the phone and the WO widgit was un changed. Seems to be really slow to show after a restart.

  7. I changed all to .5 and typing was sluggish. I returned animator to 1 and it seems better.

    When you open developer mode you can also set your phone to not sleep when charging. I I always used that on my Motorola droids and was the only feature I missed when I got my s4. I just love this phone

  8. I’m sorry I’m really new to this but I did everything on your list just now and it did work. My phone is so much faster. My question is what are the animations for? Like are they needed? Thanks!

      • Okay I was wondering because I didn’t notice a difference in my phone except that it was faster. I was also wondering if there was a setting I could use to turn my apps off when I’m not using them. I would still like notifications but I don’t want them lingering there until I decide to use them again. Is that available?

        • If you press and hold the home button, it will pop up a menu showing which apps are currently running. You can swipe to the side to close them one by one or hit the icon that looks a trash can to close them all. Some apps will still send notifications(like Facebook) while most games won’t send notifications.

  9. You know anyway to fix a problem with very poor phone call quality? When I’m talking with someone they can never hear me. It just started doing this about 2 months ago. I’ve had the phone a year and a half

  10. I just did this on my S4. Worked like a charm!! Great tip. Phone feels is much faster. Thank you! Now my question is, where can I learn about what the other developer option features.

  11. Could you also suggest, my Galaxy s4 response is very slow after using 32GB Class10 card form sandisk. I just followed suggested settings and i can see that difference, however i have unmounted my memory card well before this settings. Thank you !.

  12. Thanks very much comrades, Maximum Respect for the great work that you do. I was starting to hate my phone for the slow response with a black screen when dialing a number, but its now very fast again. Cheers & stay blessed.

  13. Hello Androidguys,
    Please help. I went thru the instructions correctly as given, but whenever i save, it automatically goes back to the earlier default settings (1x). How can i keep it at 0.5 or off animations off completely???

  14. Omg wow! My phone was so incredibly laggy and after trying this my phone is super fast! Everything just pops up instantly. Awesome, Thanks!

  15. I navigated to where I was supposed to be in development options.I clicked off on the items I was supposed to but when I turned the options off the green on off button at the top of the screen. the items I checked off on, were restored to 1. how do I correct that? thank you

    • after reading back and post I see that I must leave the green light on works great. another question is what can I do about making my phone buffer faster on videos? another question, can I make donations to you for your trouble and effort?

  16. Thanks works better. I am just happy I can call myself a Developer now. So which language to I master first? Ruby or Java. Maybe I will start with FORTRAN, I heard that’s pretty hot right now. Thanks again, apologies for corn puns.

  17. I’m always a day late and a dollar short when in comes to doing these things but I’ve finally figured it out a and pesto chango it worked. My phone sped up. Big difference. Thanx for the help