August 28, 2014

Google brings restaurant menus to search


It’s always been a pain when you wanted to see a restaurant menu and you had to search several websites just to find it, if there even was one available.

Today, Google is doing what it does best, bring added functionality to its search functionality, allowing people to see restaurant menus right from search results. All you need to do is perform a search asking Google to show you the menu for some restaurant and it will show up at the top of the search results. The results will be complete with tabs for different parts of the menu and even prices as well for many.

Sorry to any of our international readers, but the menu results are available for U.S. restaurants only at this time.

Please note that many menus may not be available yet. I was able to search for the restaurant menu in the sample photo, but wasn’t successful in finding anything else, even chains like Olive Garden.

Source: Google+