Get the Samsung Galaxy S5 look with these wallpapers

Get the Samsung Galaxy S5 look with these wallpapers

Samsung’s newest device may not be coming out until April, but that doesn’t mean you can’t the look of the Galaxy S5 right now on your current device with some new wallpapers.

These leaked wallpapers are the same colorful wallpapers seen on the device as it was unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona this past week. Below is the colorful rainbow-ish wallpaper, and a more subtle blue. Click the photo below for the full resolution.

GS5wallpaper GS5wallpaperBlue

One of our readers (thanks bhuvan raheja!) also shared the original full-size color wallpaper that they were able to find:


Sometimes a new wallpaper is just want you need to get that new device feeling without having to spend a penny. This is as far as we can help you to get that look. If you want that dimpled back, you may have to get a bit creative, perhaps with some bandaids or something.

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