Nokia X gets rooted bringing custom ROM and Google Services

Nokia X gets rooted bringing custom ROM and Google Services

One of the best things about Android is the customisation options available. So when the Nokia X was announced only for it to be confirmed there would be no Google services integration, developers everywhere simply took that as a challenge.

Nokia still make arguably the best hardware out of all smartphone manufacturers, and fans have been longing for a Nokia running Android. However, given the integration with Microsoft, Nokia chose to remove the Google services (Gmail, Play Store etc.) and go with Windows services instead.

Luckily, developers have already rooted the Nokia X and ported a custom ROM to it bringing across Google services in the process.

Using a tool called Framaroot, the guys over at XDA Developers managed to obtain root access to the device and port over a custom ROM, so now you can enjoy the full Android experience complete with Google services on the Nokia X.

The Nokia X as standard comes with its own store whereby developers would submit their Apps to the Nokia Store, which Nokia says can be done without rewriting any code. Whilst not a huge deal, cutting out Gmail and the Google Play Store is a big loss.

Nokia X devices are currently only shipping to developers, but this news means for those wanting a full Android experience can now have it.

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