Project Ara modular phone size and costings revealed [VIDEO]

Project Ara modular phone size and costings revealed [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that Google is working on a modular phone which they are calling Project Ara, and attention has turned to establishing details about just how it will work.

Google has scheduled a developer conference on April 15-16th in Mountain View, California to discuss the alpha version of the Ara Module Developers’ Kit and discuss everything about the MDK that is necessary for developers to become familar with the modular device.

Despite this, the Project Ara team attended the LAUNCH tech conference and gave a 25 minute talk about the concept and how the modular swapping actually works.

The device will come in three sizes: a mini version measuring in around 4″, a medium of 5″, and a larger tablet version, with prices set to be hovering around the $50 mark. The Project Ara team state that the actual modules themselves should cost around $15 per unit.

Skip to the 5:00 mark to see the Ara device demonstrated!

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  1. wes
    March 02, 19:53 Reply

    Should put a disclaimer. 50$ is BOM and not the price they’ll charge. Not only that, but it’s only a low budget WiFi model with no cellular connectivity. Off the top of my head it has a CPU, display, speaker, battery and charging port. You probably won’t have a full functioning phone @ 50$, since they have not added the margins to each component.

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