Leaked HTC One M8 video draws HTC attention

Leaked HTC One M8 video draws HTC attention

Almost every HTC fan is looking forward to March 25th, when the company will officially unleash the successor to their famous HTC One. Known, for now, as the HTC One M8 we’ve learned much about the device over the last few months.

Plenty of people are excited, some a little more than others. Take for instance this guy Roshan Jamkatal whose parents apparently work at HTC. This weekend he uploaded a 12-minute video of an early release M8 in action. We’d be lying if we said people didn’t notice. In fact, HTC, quickly caught wind of the video swept into action.

A few since-deleted tweets from HTC’s Global Online Communications Manager tell us that the kid could be in hot water. Perhaps, even, to the tune of his parents being fired. Reading through his tweets we find that this could very well have been the case; it’s suggested they both work at HTC.

So, based on what you did see, did you like the new HTC One? We really think this smartphone will give the new Galaxy S5 are hard time, what about you? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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  1. Jamie
    March 03, 21:29 Reply

    I think the camera will be the talking point. Extra lens but same “ultrapixel” resolution as HTC one. Build and pretty much everything else is “better” – much like the HTC one vs s4.

  2. Dizzy Malone
    March 04, 00:50 Reply

    Yes I will be buying this one, yes I do think it was all a set up and done for publicity.

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