Morning dashboard concept for Chromecast could be future of Google Now

Morning dashboard concept for Chromecast could be future of Google Now

Up until now, much of our Chromecast usage has been relegated to streaming our music, videos, or local files. Pretty much everything we do is in some form of watching for entertainment purposes. But, what if you could turn your Chromecast-connected TV into a large dashboard of relevant and personal information?

Imagine yourself preparing for work in the morning and enjoying a cup of coffee. Instead of watching news or sports on the TV, however, you’re watching a totally customized TV experience with all sort of important details.

We came across this “morning dashboard” concept for Chromecast and think its designer/developer could be on to something.

The concept consists of four main categories:

  • Today report:
    • Days agenda
    • Agenda options based off calendar (e.g. Lunch options close to the office on your foursquare to-do list)
    • Commute report
    • Weather
  • Personal Report from yesterday:
    • Activity Report
    • Sleep Tracking
    • Check-ins
    • Driving data
  • Home Report:
    • Sunrise/sunset
    • temperature
    • Package deliveries
    • Carbon Footprint
  • Social Report:
    • What you did last year today
    • Buzzworthy news
    • New shows available
    • Birthdays

How cool would it be to wake up, tap a widget or icon on your phone and have your TV displaying a personal screen of all things pertinent? Move this into the office and you can have it updated throughout the day with team goals, agenda, news, calendar events, social media, and more.

Taking things one step further, imagine Google placing a bunch of your cards across your TV screen. Instead of scrolling through them in one long column, your Chromecast spreads them out and displays them in a clean and orderly fashion.

We love this concept quite a bit and think it could be a tipping point for Chromecast productivity, how about you?

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  1. jschall
    March 04, 16:12 Reply

    No, thanks. I’d rather watch the news. The information you described belongs on my tablet.

  2. Mike Chilcott
    March 04, 17:36 Reply

    I’d pay a couple bucks for it. Add an alarm sync from my phone that turns on the tv and presents relevant information as my eyes peel open… wait should I be getting paid for my ideas… oh well.

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