September 1, 2014

Tip: Disable S Voice to speed up Galaxy S4 Home button response


If you’re not a big user of the S Voice personal assistant bundled into the Samsung Galaxy S4, then disabling it from being activated using the home button could greatly speed up the response of it and make your device seem faster. We’ve already covered removing the screen transition effect to speed up your Galaxy S4, so turning off S Voice could make your device fly.

The reason this has an effect is that by default, S Voice can be activated by double-tapping the Home button. It’s this double-tap that introduces the delay since the device is waiting for that second press before deciding whether to activate S Voice (if it receives an additional press) or take you back to the Home-screen.

By disabling this S Voice activation, the Home button when pressed will instantly perform the desired function.

1. Open S Voice.

2. Press the menu key and hit ‘Settings’.

3. Uncheck “Open via the home key”.

That’s all there is to it – your Home key operation should now be lightening quick. This little trick also applies to any other Samsung device that is running S Voice, such as the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S5, and the Note 2.