March 2, 2015

Moto G owners facing problems after Android 4.4 update


Motorola recently updated the Moto G to Android 4.4, but it turns out the update brought some troubles as well. Users are complaining that after the update, they are facing several issues. Below is the list of bugs that you might be facing if you have updated your Moto G:

  • lose mobile signal
  • display ‘No Sim’ icons,
  • fall into Aeroplane mode (while not displaying Aeroplane Icon status)
  • Mobile signal can often be recovered by swapping into and out of Aeroplane mode.
  • Pop-up errors about being in Aeroplane mode while attempting to make calls during signal problems.
  • Aeroplane mode observed in about phone status (while no aeroplane mode shown on icons)
  • Popup errors – the process “” has stopped
  • Not specific to individual SIM cards – multiple SIMs (cutdown/original confirmed as impacted)
  • Suggestion that it only occurs with mobile data enabled – to be investigated.

moto_g_shells_croppedWell, these are a lot of bugs, but you can relax because Motorola is aware, and they are working on a solution. However, such problems happen rarely because the update is always tested on the device before official launch, but you never know when the bugs will show up.

Any Moto G user out there facing such issues? Let us know in the comment box below.

Source: Motorola

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    • Rushi Bangalore

      That’s a problem .I often get blurred screen in my motog after kitkat update.. Please Motorola be proactive and come up with a solution if you want to survive in Asian markets as its highly competitive..

  1. Waseem Syed

    I have a serious issue….
    My battery was charged and had dropped to 70% when I went to bed…. But in the morning I saw that the phone has turned off… Then I kept for charging it charged till 20% then I left to the college… After I reached there I connected it again to charge my battery went up to 84%… What is the reason and please do provide me with a solution……????? :)

  2. Divij

    My issue is about phone calls…. sometimes wen I receive calls for one sim… aftr picking up the call I couldn’t hear anything and the opposite person also have the same issue…. that means my Mic and speaker goes dead…. after rebooting my device the issue is fixed temporarily…. what shuld I do nw…. plsss help me… software issue or hardware issue ???

  3. senthil

    Battery suddenly dropping getting switch off.
    Some times apps icons displaying but text below getting blurred.
    Mobile data often getting disconnected.
    Will any update available to solve the issues? Pls provide sugesstion..

  4. Julie Rainbird

    My moto g sometimes displays blurred text in Google when I do a search. This has happened a few times. Any idea why or what to do?

  5. Basil

    Plsss help,no voice during call ..After a reboot problem solved.What should I do..It occurs frequently..

    • sorab

      Its becoz of using mini sim which you cut manually nd make it micro so solution is you should use proper micro sim for the moto g….

  6. Paridhi

    Yes, my dad is faving the same problem. The receiver of the call cannot hear anything what my dad speaks..this is a serious issue and should be sorted as soon as possible. I hope that they come up with a solution soon.

  7. Prachi Damani

    My Moto g’s Mic and speaker not working during calls. Plz provide with a solution urgently. Bought 2days ago..

  8. Daniel Thomas

    I am facing mic issue.. My mic volume is too low that the recipient cant able to hear my voice… Is this a hardware malfunction or due to software???? Can anyone please detail….

  9. siva

    My moto g version is android 4.4.2 and i observed text of the apps becoming blurred . some times screen becoming blank

  10. utpal

    I am too facing the same problem regarding the phone calling…..After picking up the call nothing can be hear….instead when I connect the earphone or switching to loudspeaker it works well…..even I did reset factory and rebooted many times but then also it didn’t work…….I am very much disappointed with this issue …..facing lots of problem….
    #Please! Comment If any one have the solution.

  11. Bilal Rizwan

    I am facing a problem after update the wifi connects and then it is automatically disconnected .
    One more problem is with signals .
    Hope so you will fix that .

  12. MotoG Crapola

    2015-06 : Brand new Moto-G phone microphone not working .. in calls as well as for apps that rely on Mic. Unless i put my mouth directly on the Mic, the device barely registers the sound.

  13. john

    Mic broken I think people can’t hear me speak on the other side during a call.. Please help!

  14. J. Paul Roe

    I’m really happy with my Moto G but I have the same problem that every other user seems to be having…no one can hear me on a phone call.

    I’ve been using a bluetooth headset as a workaround and it works just fine, but it’s kind of annoying to have to dig it out of my bag just to receive a call. I’ve tried updating all the apps, clearing all data, etc.

    I only have one thing left to try…cleaning all of the crud and dust out of the microphone hole. Apparently that’s solving the problem for a lot of people. =|


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