Seido Dilex Combo with Metal Kickstand for Moto X Review

Recently I got my hands on a new case for the Moto X and like I have said before, I am not a case kinda guy.  I despise having a brick in my pocket, because I really do enjoy the sleek size of my Moto X.  Not to mention, the wood back I payed extra for so I can “stand out” from the crowd. However, the Seido Dilex with its tough as nails metal kickstand is really growing on me.  So lets get to it:

What we got:

  • Seido Dilex combo with metal kickstand (Combo meaning belt holster too)

The Good:

  • Case is very well built as it consist of two parts, interior casing made from impact absorbing polymer and exterior hardened plastic skeleton provides extra protection at impact points
  • Belt holster is lined with felt to provide extra protection when it is clipped in and also swivels in 7 different directions
  • Case adds .22cm to the phones thickness
  • Kickstand is very nice and not cheap feeling
  • Cutouts are dead on and conforms to the phone without interfering with the screen
  • Does not leave finger prints
  • Color Options (Black, Blue, White, Red, Purple)
  • Does not collect dust particles between the case and the screen

The Bad:

  • Pocket lint does stick the interior casing, not ideal but easily removed
  • Covers up my beautiful wood back, all I can see is the speaker and camera lens ring
  • Belt clip takes some getting use to


Overall, the case is fantastic.  It provides me with a medium level of protection, which gives me peace of mind, although I do miss seeing my custom Moto X.  This is what I must come to grips with if I want to provide a decent level of protection for my phone.

Seido has done a fantastic job, yet again, by providing a case that is easily removable from your pocket or placed in your belt holster without sacrificing too much in the daily use of your phone.  I am currently using the Dilex and would highly recommend anyone looking for a decent case from a reputable manufacturer.

Lets talk money, the Dilex combo will set you back around 40 bucks on Amazon,or if you’re not into holsters you can pick up just the case for 26 bucks. I feel that the case is definitely worth the money and if you are big into belt holsters, you will not be disappointed either.

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