Get a quality head-to-head trivia fix with QuizUp [App of the Day]

Get a quality head-to-head trivia fix with QuizUp [App of the Day]

Are you a fan of games like Trivial Pursuit and You Don’t Know Jack? Do your friends get mad because you’re always spouting off movie trivia and random bits of seemingly useless knowledge? We’ve got just the game for you.

After millions of downloads on iOS, Quizup has come to the Android platform. The game spans some 400+ topics and includes hundreds of thousands of questions. We’re talking books, movies, music, video games, sports, science, and so much more. Each topic comes with its own ranking system and method for leveling up.

So who are you playing? Well, that’s up to you, really. The first time you open the game you are asked if you’d like to log in with Google+, Facebook, or create a new account via email. Once in, you can take on random players from around the globe in whatever topics you like.  Want to challenge a particular friend? Have at it! Pick the topic and roll. Be sure to talk some smack in the chat while you’re playing.

Game play is real time and you’re involved short 7-question rounds. No need to worry about being stuck in QuizUp for long periods of time…unless you want to. It took no time at all to rise up a few levels and unlock a few achievements. A quick glance at the leaderboard, however, tells us there’s much work to do if we want to rank globally.

We love the feel of this game; graphics and interface are fantastic and the color palette is perfect. We have a feeling this one will see millions of downloads in no time at all – and for good reason.

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