Practical Meter review

Practical Meter review

The Practical Meter by Power Practical is an in-line USB charging gauge to tell you if your device is being charged at its full potential. As one might expect, this is measured by amperage.


At First Glance

The Practical Meter’s LED Indicators are your way of knowing how fast your device is charging. In today’s world of having USB ports everywhere (computers, AC adapters, etc) we quickly understand that not all ports are created equally. Some will charge your device at a mere 25%, some at 100% strength. The Practical Meter is what will define those differences for you. This way you can toss those slow charging cables and adapters aside for something more efficient.

Function & Fast Charge Cables

No issues to expect or run into as far as functions go, leveling between one and ten watts. The fast charge cables (included) have been exceedingly engaging and definitely speed up the charging process on slower USB connections. Fast Charge cables are equipped with a Micro USB 2.0 cable, Apple iPod 30pin USB cable, and Mini USB cable all fused by a charge-only USB male cable.


USB Power Meters are a rare gem and the Practical Meter really does the the job well. The device is available in black and white color options and can be purchased at Power Practical for $24.99.

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