CHIL Notchbook Review and Giveaway!

CHIL Notchbook Review and Giveaway!

The CHIL Notchbook is a quality case worth updwards of $50 but costing only half of that. The leather feels great and really has a “premium” design about it. You’ll find that it’s light, padded, and protective – three things we look for in a tablet case.

The cutout for your hand seems a bit gimmicky at first, but the more I’ve used it, the more useful it becomes. The case feels high quality and looks professional. It has a built in magnet for auto sleep/wake when the case is opened of closed.

The main complaint I have is that the frame around the screen cuts it a bit close. Performing actions from the top, sides or bottom (such as pulling down a notification shade) requires slightly more effort than without the case and the magnet that keeps the notch flap in place. Keep in mind that I’m reviewing the 2012 Nexus 7 variant of the case, so this issue may not exist for other models depending upon how each device is made. For this case in particular, when the magnet moves on or off of the back of the device it likes to trip the magnetic sensor in the tablet and shut your screen off. As you can imagine, this can be pretty frustrating when you’re trying to read.

The only other quibble is more due to the construction of the tablet, but the volume and power buttons aren’t as available as I’d like them to be. Every time I attempted to change the volume or take a screenshot I found myself fumbling around and guessing at which button I needed.

If you watch a lot of Netflix or YouTube on your device, the stand mode is really great; both simple and sturdy.

All-in-all, at the price point, I’d recommend this case to most people depending on your needs.

Win a Chil Notchbook!

Thanks to the fine people at CHIL, we also have a Notchbook case for the 2013 Nexus 7 to give away!

How to Enter: In the comments below, please tell us why you love your Android device so much.

When does this mighty fine Giveaway end? Well, you must enter this giveaway contest by Wednesday, March 12 (11:59PM PST)

Winners will be picked at random and announced in an update to this post.

What if this giveaway is over and I’m still interested in a CHIL Case? You can find out more information about purchasing a CHIL Notchbook Case for your tablet by visiting CHIL’s website. Enter “AndroidGuys” in the promo code for 15% off your purchase, which lasts until April 15.

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  1. Patrick Holloway
    March 10, 16:50 Reply

    Why do I love my Android device? Because of all of my traveling for work, I use to travel with a netbook and point-and-shoot camera for personal email, movie watching, photo uploads and video chats with friends and family.

    Now I travel with my 2013 Nexus 7 and my first ever Nexus 5 and both have treated me very well. Photos that I take from either device I have automatically backed up to Google+. I once was in a hangout with friends and we were in several time zones and countries and set it where we all could watch each sunset from our respective location using our Android devices (except one person’s IPhone using Hangouts). It was a beautiful moment.

    Using my Nexus 7 on the road allows me to edit documents/photos while listening to pinned music via Google Music or Double Twist app.

    Most recently, before I got my Nexus 5, I was able to use an APK of Photosphere for my personal trip to Peru. Some great scenery to use Photosphere was at Machu Picchu. I apparently made a couple of French, Korean and Japanese iPhone tourists jealous when I showed them what I was doing.

    This is why I love my android device. The functionality/portability and diversity of what/how I can use them for my daily life in personal/business use.

  2. aj34
    March 10, 20:42 Reply

    customizable to the max

  3. McKenna Keenan
    March 12, 07:25 Reply

    I hate to sound like a broken record but it’s great being able to customize how I like it to be. I love the app store selections.

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