Jawbone UP24 lifestyle tracker now works for Android devices

Jawbone have today announced that their lifestyle tracker UP24 and the accompanying App are now available for Android. Tracking data to help you understand how you sleep, move, and eat, the UP24 wristband can now connect to the Android-compataible App to receieve data in real-time.

In addition, the accompanying App from Jawbone on Android provides personalised feedback and live notifications to help achieve your set goals with the help of Bluetooth 4.0. The UP24 can be wirelessly synced with your Android device through the UP App via Bluetooth Smart in order to store the data collected from the lifestyle tracker.

As for the Jawbone UP24 wristband itself, it features a smooth hypoallergenic, medical-grade rubber exterior that features a new, textural design which Jawbone say is comfortable enough to wear around the clock. The battery lasts 7 days, and the band can be charged with a USB power adapter via the included 2.5mm USB cable.

The UP by Jawbone 3.0 App for Android is available today in 12 languages as a free download on the Google Play Store.


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