Nexus 5 ‘Always-On’ compatible with Ok Google command

The Moto X has a great feature which allows Google Now to be triggered with a simple ‘Ok Google’ voice command, which is made possible due the device always listening for that particular phrase to be announced.

Other devices such as the Galaxy S5 can be trigged using the ‘Ok Galaxy’ voice command, but only when S Voice is actually open. It seems, however, that this background listening is not constrained to just the Moto X and is infact embedded already in the Nexus 5. A recent video shows a concept which unlocks this native compataiblty in the Nexus 5, allowing Google Now to be triggered with the simple phrase hands-free.

The concept is part of the custom OmniROM and it seems to work pretty well. Hopefully the developer can build the feature into a finalised package for deployment to the general public in order to bring true hands-free operation to the Nexus 5.

Update – It seems that the video has already been taken offline.

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  • PoopSimpson

    Um, I’m confused. My nexus 5 had always been able to do this as long as the screen isn’t off. It always has. Did this new Rom add the capability of it working with the screen off?

    • george

      This does even when the screen is off.

      • PoopSimpson

        Very cool. How accurate is it at just opening to those words? I ask because I have voice-to-text app that opens by voice command, but when I have NPR on it inevitably turns on though the correct words haven’t been said.

        • dainius d

          So far my nexus 5s speach to text works perfect even though english is my secondary language with a eastern akcent.

          • omnichad

            Wrong direction

  • Ian Loveless

    I got an extra eight hours on a battery charge by turning this feature OFF. I would consider turning it back on as needed, e.g., while driving.

    • Bobby Davidson

      How do you disable it?

      • Seth Jefferies

        In the settings of Google Now uncheck Hotword Detection.

  • I’ve been able to do this on my n5 since day one (even with the screen off).

    Using autovoice secure settings and tasker… Boom, even the keyword I want instead of “ok Google”, “Google, kitt, hal, computer, etc.”

    • Bradford West


      • So first, have “continuous” active (you can just toggle it with a shortcut or leave it on, or have it turn on at a certain time if you’re concerned about battery life.) I use my pebble a lot for that and have it as my center button swipe up function.

        second, create an auto voice “recognize” profile with your command key words; “Google,  hal, kitt, computer”…

        That’s the basics. I set the task to open google voice search instead of now since now requires the additional” ok Google” statement where the search command is auto listening once opened. 

        Of course you can add SO MANY more command options!

        Hope that helps. 🙂

    • impulse101

      No you haven’t

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