August 1, 2014

Smarty Ring V2 promises scrolling display


Following the outstanding success of their first Indiegogo campaign, Smarty Ring has launched a second campaign which brags “upgrading to scrolling display.”

The rest of the Indiegogo page is pretty similar to that of the first campaign. There are a couple of contribution options. The $60 option being reserved for those who have already ordered the Smarty Ring v1.0 who would like to upgrade to the v2.0 with scrolling display. The other options are:

  • $175 – Smarty Ring v1.0
  • $275 – Smarty Ring v2.0
  • $300 – Smarty Ring v1.0 couple
  • $475 for the Smarty Ring v2.0 couple.

There’s only 7 days left in the current campaign, how high to you think we can push this one?