Share content on multiple social networks at once with Polarbear Beta [App of the Day]

Share content on multiple social networks at once with Polarbear Beta [App of the Day]

If you’re like most people who use social networking, odds are you would like to post to multiple sites and accounts at once. The process of copy and pasting your text and posting it on different sites can get monotonous very quickly. Polarbear Beta for Android is here to help with that problem.

This app is very simple. Connect your accounts, type out what you’d like to post, and select which social networks you’d like to post to. The complete list of supported services are: Twitter, Facebook profiles, Google+ profiles, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook pages, Tumblr, Blogger, and The best thing about it is the new UI update that was just released today, making the app is now more functional than ever before.

Polarbear Beta 2

Other rival apps (specifically Buffer) are nice, but they don’t allow posting to Google+ profiles, which we would like to see eventually.

Not so fast! This app is special. Since the app is still in beta, there is no direct Play Store link. Here are the instructions on how to get it on your phone:

If you don’t want to take these steps, you could download the apk directly from the Google+ page. If you’d like more information on Polarbear, visit the Google+ page, here.

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