March 29, 2015

Tech21 Impact Mesh and Impact Shield for Galaxy S4 Review

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The Impact Shield and Impact Mesh is a match made in heaven for someone looking for a sleek case and high quality screen protector, but that does come at a cost.
Tech21 Impact Mesh and Impact Shield for Galaxy S4 Review Reviewed by on . Rating: 4.5

Up today for review is the Impact Mesh case and the Impact Shield screen protector from Tech21.  These two accessories are a match made in heaven for someone looking to provide great protection for both body and screen of the Galaxy S4.  Let’s dig into, the case first:

The Good:

  • Case feels sturdy and shock absorbent material is quite impressive
  • See through so you can still see the back of your S4
  • Not slippery, so you don’t have to worry about sliding off a table
  • Feels good in my hand

The Bad:

  • The volumes buttons are hard to press, I have noticed that when it is cold it is harder but when I have used it during the day it gets better


The case is quite durable and just has that feeling of high quality.  It is unfortunate that the volume buttons are harder to press, but with time (1 week so far) this might resolve itself. Coming in at 35 bucks, this is something definitely worth checking, it is on the higher end side of the price range, however you are getting a high quality case, check it out at Tech21’s website.

Impact Shield screen protector:

The Good:

  • Easiest install I have ever had for a screen protector
  • No bubbles, always a plus
  • Self Heal Technology

The Bad:

  • None, quite impressed with this screen protector


The screen protector is quite impressive with its self-heal technology and how easy it was to install.  I’ve never enjoyed a screen protector quite like this one and would highly recommended it to any, however it will cost you 35 bucks for this type of convenience and quality, which you can find at Tech21’s website.

Overall: Both the case and screen protector are great ways to protect your phone, however 70 bucks is alot to spend for most people.  However, I had to choose just one of these items I would go with the Impact Shield screen protector, because it is that good and impressive!

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