Android goes back to the 80’s with Steven Jackson’s Sorcery!

Android goes back to the 80’s with Steven Jackson’s Sorcery!

Fans of choose-your-own-adventure games can now fight evil monsters and explore strange lands in “Sorcery! Part 1″ that just released for Android.

inkle, a developer of interactive narrative apps, and author Steve Jackson teamed up to create re-imagined version of the 1980s “Sorcery!” gamebooks, which released on iOS last year.

These gamebooks were initially released as part of the Fighting Fantasy series and the re-imagined versions consist of four parts just as the original set did. However, you can sleep easier at night knowing that each game is a self-contained experience without having to wait for the next release.

In Part 1 – The Shamutanti Hills, the journey starts out heading across the Shamutanti Hills to recover the stolen Crown of Kings. The original 176-page adventure has been adapted to bring this 1980s classic to the digital age while providing a deeper experience that lets the player make thousands of choices that can change their journey.

Sorcery! Part 1 is available now in the Google Play store and the Amazon Appstore in the US and UK.

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