1 million Nokia X pre-orders in China? Not so

There has recently been a rumor floating around that there has been 1 million pre-orders of the Nokia X in China. But, as it turns out the website handling Nokia’s Chinese pre-orders just has a button that says “Pre-Order” which anyone can click at any time, without any sort of commitment to buying. The stats reported would be more accurately described as, this is how many people clicked our “eh, I’m a little interested in buying one of these, and wouldn’t mind getting an email about it in the future” button. Not to mention the fact that the pre-order site was holding a drawing out the those who pre-ordered, wherein you can win a Nokia X. The funny thing is, you can “pre-order” one in each color.

Since the device is still only $100, there will be high sales, but logging contest entries as “pre-orders” as a very oddly dishonest way of reporting statistics, at the very best, one third of those pre-orders are real. If you can read the language on the button, feel free to visit the Chinese retailers website and skew the numbers a bit more!

Anyone looking forward to buying one of these? Let us know below!